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Sunday Morning

Yesterday was a lazier than usual day.  I had worked a craft show Saturday and was extremely tired, sore and just worn out.  The family understands.  We try to go outside each morning before it gets too hot.  Sunday I woke up later than usual, so it wasn’t dark. I thought I’d grab a few photos of the family.

MG said, “Hey, me! Here I am.” mg  025

Reply, “MG, I already have a pretty nice pic of you.”

MG, “Don’t take a picture of her, take one of ME.”023

J said, “I so glad we are outside. Are you going to pack boxes up again today or can we play.  Hey – don’t you dare take my picture. See how fast I can turn around?”

JB, “Thank you for rescuing me from the yard and bringing out a cushion. Grumble, grunt.”

C, “Guess what I found? Water and mud. Cool, huh?”  A added, “I am so above all of this.”

024   030  026

P, “Are you taking a picture of me? Does my tongue make me look fat?”

Hope enjoyed the millet and relegated Happy to the other side of the cage.  She was not in the mood to share.

And I say, I love my family and enjoyed the morning with the dogs and birds.  The fish did not get to come outside.


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Rescue Groups, NMDR. Be The Change.

National Mill Dog Rescue – NMDR – Saving dogs from puppy mills.

The inspiration for NMDR is Lily. An Italian Greyhound auctioned off by a puppy mill. On that day over 200 dogs were ‘auctioned’.  A volunteer Teresa Strader came to help with the 29 Italian Greyhounds. She rescued Lily and made her part of the family.

For the last year and 1/2 of her life, Lily was loved. Lily’s story is not recent. But her story is compelling, heartbreaking and hopeful.

The message is you can make a difference. Donate. Foster. Adopt. Educate. Do something.

Watch the video below and say a prayer. Remember – Be the Change. You Make A Difference.

lily Sweet Lily had never been outside of a cage. Her mouth, both bottom and top was rotted from no vet care, no care.







harley ‘Harley to the Rescue, Harley’s family works to raise money is a volunteer group committed to helping rescue mill dogs.  Harley is a mill dog survivor and a spokesdog on behalf of NMDR.



In different words and images, the message is the same as mine.  Be the Change. You Make A Difference.

do something

Be the Change. You Make A Difference.

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What the Animal Family Had to Say This Morning.

The glow fish said, “mmm food.”  One goldfish said “Hey person that feeds me, feed me already!” The more koi than goldfish said, ” I am getting big here so can I have a place of my own?”

The parakeets said, “Love the kiwi covered millet hanging from our space. More please.”
Pippa & Jelly – Good Morning.

Doggie P said, “Even though I am coughing like honking goose I want to eat, now, now and more! I like the special cheese treat but stop with that syringe stuff already.” (collapsing trachea – more on next post).

Doggie J said, “Please pick me up and carry me to the water bowl. And then I will waddle over to you and  wait for a treat.”

Doggie M said, “Why do you always pay attention to the others? Here I am, here I am. How come they get cheese.”

Doggie J said, “Look at this pretty toy I have in my mouth.  Isn’t great? Isn’t it great! Hey are you giving P and A cheese again? I want some.”

Doggie A said, “Give me my pill in cheese please. Get those idiot dogs away from me.”

Doggie C said, “Please lock me in the pantry so I can eat in peace.”

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In Memory of Sophie

    In memory of my sweet Sophie.

One year ago yesterday I had to take Sophie to the vet and let her go. Having to say goodbye to your loved one is always torturous and painful. I am crying as I write this post. I miss my Sophie.

Sophie came to me through DFW Pug Rescue.  I volunteered several years ago to be a foster. I am glad to care for dogs that have special needs. I will foster the hospice dogs so they can have someone love them, care for them and won’t be alone in their final days.

Fostering hospice dogs is both wonderful and painful. It is a pleasure to have these dogs in my life. To be able to love and be loved by them. They have been abandoned and deserve better. The pain of losing your cherished family member is the most difficult thing you can go through. But I foster anyway because these dogs are all worthy of love and compassion and care.

Sophie was what we call a ‘foster failure’. Sometimes rescue groups must make difficult decisions concerning where money is best spent.  So I adopted Sophie.

Sophie had so many challenges. She was missing an eye, she had a club foot and luxating patellas. She didn’t have any teeth and shortly after she came to my home she had to had eye flap surgery for an eye ulcer.

Sophie was a trooper. She was joyful and loving. When she got excited she would spin in circles because her club foot acted like a paddle. Through all these challenges she was sweet, loving, accepting and carried on.  Sophie didn’t think she was a hospice dog or a special needs dog. She was with me for almost three years.

Then Sophie started limping, keeping weight off her one good leg.  I looked for stickers and bites, she didn’t respond to me feeling her leg.  So off to the vet. After exams and an x-ray he said she had a fracture at her shoulder joint.  Next we went to a surgery specialist.

The specialist did not have good news.  Sophie had a cancer in her lungs and bones. This was inoperable. Her pain was increasing at a fast rate.  So I took Sophie home with pain pills and kept her as comfortable as possible.

It is difficult to make the choice that ‘now’ is the time to let the dog die, euthanasia. I knew I had to let Soph go when she would take her cheese covered pain pill. I put it in her mouth a said please.  I could see her struggle to swallow for me. Still being the wonderful girl.

I wish my dogs could tell me, “I’m ready now, please let me go.” But the burden is mine as their caregiver. They are my family and my responsibility.

In memory of Sophie, I started this blog to share the joys of animals, the emotional life of animals and to bring light to animal rights and causes.

And To Honor Sophie and all the dogs I have loved and lost.


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