What the Animal Family Had to Say This Morning.

The glow fish said, “mmm food.”  One goldfish said “Hey person that feeds me, feed me already!” The more koi than goldfish said, ” I am getting big here so can I have a place of my own?”

The parakeets said, “Love the kiwi covered millet hanging from our space. More please.”
Pippa & Jelly – Good Morning.

Doggie P said, “Even though I am coughing like honking goose I want to eat, now, now and more! I like the special cheese treat but stop with that syringe stuff already.” (collapsing trachea – more on next post).

Doggie J said, “Please pick me up and carry me to the water bowl. And then I will waddle over to you and  wait for a treat.”

Doggie M said, “Why do you always pay attention to the others? Here I am, here I am. How come they get cheese.”

Doggie J said, “Look at this pretty toy I have in my mouth.  Isn’t great? Isn’t it great! Hey are you giving P and A cheese again? I want some.”

Doggie A said, “Give me my pill in cheese please. Get those idiot dogs away from me.”

Doggie C said, “Please lock me in the pantry so I can eat in peace.”

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