Sunday Morning

Yesterday was a lazier than usual day.  I had worked a craft show Saturday and was extremely tired, sore and just worn out.  The family understands.  We try to go outside each morning before it gets too hot.  Sunday I woke up later than usual, so it wasn’t dark. I thought I’d grab a few photos of the family.

MG said, “Hey, me! Here I am.” mg  025

Reply, “MG, I already have a pretty nice pic of you.”

MG, “Don’t take a picture of her, take one of ME.”023

J said, “I so glad we are outside. Are you going to pack boxes up again today or can we play.  Hey – don’t you dare take my picture. See how fast I can turn around?”

JB, “Thank you for rescuing me from the yard and bringing out a cushion. Grumble, grunt.”

C, “Guess what I found? Water and mud. Cool, huh?”  A added, “I am so above all of this.”

024   030  026

P, “Are you taking a picture of me? Does my tongue make me look fat?”

Hope enjoyed the millet and relegated Happy to the other side of the cage.  She was not in the mood to share.

And I say, I love my family and enjoyed the morning with the dogs and birds.  The fish did not get to come outside.


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