Fight Animal Cruelty

Pick a charity, so many are worthy and donate. I have listed some below.

And just as important – SPEAK UP.

If you see any animal abused, report immediately to local animal control or ASCPA or HSUS or PETA.

Animal cruelty is not just cats or dogs.  Other animals we are guardians of: birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, mice, lizards, turtles, all in our care.


I do not eat meat or wear leather.  I try to live my life cruelty free. If you cannot make this vow, please make a vow to fight all cruelty. Why do we allow animals to be terrified, tortured and treated so abysmally? Why? Is it because we are unaware or out of sight so we don’t act.  Watch this video and lend your voice, donations and actions put an end to this inhumane behavior.





do something

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