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Dogs and other animal companions Dressed Up – Part 2

Dogs dressed up is a post of photos I have found of our loving animal companions in costume. Do they we do this out of some parenting need? Are we weird? Do the dogs put up with the clothing, allow the costumes to please us or do they like dressing in doggie drag?

See Below for Chubbs contact information. Chubbs mommy makes doggie costumes.
This is Grammie, available for adoption from DFW Pug Rescue. She is a sweetie – cupcake.
This is Freckles, what an angel!
This sweet bunny is Maddie.
Chubbs mom makes costumes.  These are her demo models. Her link is
Happy Halloween – look for Part 3 of Dress Up!


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Dogs (and other animal companions) Dressed Up – Part 1

Dogs dressed up is a post of photos I have found of our loving animal companions in costume. Do they we do this out of some parenting need? Are we weird? Do the dogs put up with the clothing, allow the costumes to please us or do they like dressing in doggie drag?

Well, I know that my sweet Cleveland loved to wear his collar, a hat and he would smile for the camera.

Jelly Bean dressed as a skeleton.

Both Pookie Above and Sophie below had Pirate do-rags for Halloween.


DFW Pug Rescue Fund Raising Event had a kissing booth.

 Below are some pictures from DFW Pug Rescue’s Pug-o-ween event.


OH NO! We are wearing the same costume!
That is all the fun for today. More tomorrow!



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Remember Rosie and Adopt


I introduced Rosie in my post Rescue Stories: Rosie. Rosie and her loving mom, Cinnamon, have become a strong voice against puppy mills.    

Recently and unexpectedly sweet Rosie died. Cinnamon is devastated as any of us that have lost a beloved companion understand.  I am still grieving for Jelly Bean and I often cry in sadness and joy for all my other darling babies (my dogs) I have lost. This blog is dedicated to the memory of one of my special needs girls I had to let go a year ago, Sophie . 

With the death of Rosie, Cinnamon has received condolences and messages.  Apparently some fans of Rosie and the icon she has become have spoken of breeding their dog and naming a puppy after her. A link to the page Everything Rosie is below.

Be The Change. Sometimes the Difference Between Life and Death IS YOU!


Even in grief Cinnamon has remained a staunch advocate against puppy mills and for animal rights.  I want to share one of her facebook posts to help spread the word.

Even in grief Cinnamon remains a staunch advocate against puppy mills.

Quote from Cinnamon on Everything Rosie Facebook

Rosie was and always will  be beautiful to me. I see a spectacular otherworldly creature from a children’s  storybook when I look at her pictures and she radiated something magical when  she was in my arms. HOWEVER…what I also see and remember is how those little  legs didn’t work as well as she wanted them to and as well as they should have. I see the joy she can hardly contain but can’t fully express. I see a face I
dearly loved and will go to my grave loving; yet, I also see the face of a dog  that entered this world through a toxic gene pool because of greed and  ignorance.

So please understand why I am worried and disturbed to  receive emails from people saying they are going to breed their dog and name a  pup after Rosie.
Please understand that my head and heart ache when people  write to say it is such a shame she never had puppies. I know those folks mean  well.
Rosie and I made the best of what she had, and with an army  of assistance, we still couldn’t repair the damage wrought by greed, ignorance  and neglect. Please look at Rosie’s video and celebrate her life.
Please  promise her that you will never let another animal come into the world this  way. Make her life have meaning and purpose.”
Soon a worldwide memorial will be held in celebration of Rosie’s life and to bring awareness to the plight of dogs bred in puppy mills. Cinnamon has asked you “Make her life (Rosie) have meaning and purpose.”
I also ask you to make Rosie’s life have meaning  and purpose.  Make my sweet Jelly Bean and Sophie, puppy mill rescues with Congenital birth defects. So many animals have suffered due to the greed and inhumanity of humans.
Please be aware and raise awareness.  As I always ask and say: Be The Change. Sometimes the Difference Between Life and Death IS YOU!
For more Rosie visit the Everything Rosie Facebook page.

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Everything Rosie, A Sad Time.

1006078_426984630755843_1520515716_nIn my post Everything Rosie, I told readers of a beautiful little dog that has overcome so many hardships.  Her loving family has bitter news.

A friend of Cinnamon, Rosie’s rescuer and mom, posted  that Rosie had developed pneumonia.  Because of her abnormal trachea, Rosie died yesterday.

I hope all the dogs that have died greet her in dog heaven.

Love your animal family.  Life is short and they all deserve love.



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Saturday Pet Blog Hop

Saturday Pet Blogger Hop.

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