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Dogs (and other animal companions) Dressed Up – Part 1

Dogs dressed up is a post of photos I have found of our loving animal companions in costume. Do they we do this out of some parenting need? Are we weird? Do the dogs put up with the clothing, allow the costumes to please us or do they like dressing in doggie drag?

Well, I know that my sweet Cleveland loved to wear his collar, a hat and he would smile for the camera.

Jelly Bean dressed as a skeleton.

Both Pookie Above and Sophie below had Pirate do-rags for Halloween.


DFW Pug Rescue Fund Raising Event had a kissing booth.

 Below are some pictures from DFW Pug Rescue’s Pug-o-ween event.


OH NO! We are wearing the same costume!
That is all the fun for today. More tomorrow!



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