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Final Day of Dress Up for our Animal Companions!

Halloween is here. While we have enjoyed dress up with our beloved animal companions, take caution that they can see, hear and the costumes are not constricting.  If your animal expresses distress, take it off!

Our final showcase of animal companions dressed up. I have always loved Halloween, it probably goes with my last name (meaning Ghost or Spirit). And I too love to play dress up.  One year I went as a peacock.  Last year I ordered a matching costume for my Sophie, but if you are a faithful reader you know she died in August of last year.  
But in honor of Sophie I will share a photo of me (frightening in itself) and a picture of the costume I ordered.

 Sophie would have looked wonderful in this outfit.
I wore this a few years ago, it was a hit at the Monster Mash!
OH NO BedPugs!
This is his costume, he is really a werewolf in Trueblood! 🙂
This is the true horror, that so many animals are put to death.
 Sophie and Jelly Bean, RIP, say BE THE CHANGE!
Happy Halloween.


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Dogs & Cats & Bunnies Dressed Up – Part 4

More Dress Up. Let me say that if your animal is uncomfortable or frighten with being dressed up – don’t dress them up. We should not cause distress to those in our care because it amuses humans.

Now for fun photos! This post has guinea pigs, rabbits and some unhappy looking cats.



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Dogs and other animal companions Dressed Up – Part 2

Dogs dressed up is a post of photos I have found of our loving animal companions in costume. Do they we do this out of some parenting need? Are we weird? Do the dogs put up with the clothing, allow the costumes to please us or do they like dressing in doggie drag?

See Below for Chubbs contact information. Chubbs mommy makes doggie costumes.
This is Grammie, available for adoption from DFW Pug Rescue. She is a sweetie – cupcake.
This is Freckles, what an angel!
This sweet bunny is Maddie.
Chubbs mom makes costumes.  These are her demo models. Her link is https://www.facebook.com/Chubbsthepug
Happy Halloween – look for Part 3 of Dress Up!


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