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Allison Herds Sheep But Lamo Doesn’t

LAMO: Lamo likes to go for walks or ‘walkies’.

He loves wearing his collar and leash. The rest of his pack, Wallace, Judy and Poppy.

Lamo loves to swim and play around with the ducks.

Lamo is part of the family. 

JACK: Allison, in the video below, introduces six month old Jack. Jack’s friend is learning from Jessie to be a sheep dog.

Jack likes to shake hands and loves to see people travel by on the canal.

Aside from herding the sheep into the pen, he likes to go for walks and tries to beat Jessie in a game of fetch.

Lamo and Jack are Sheep.

Sheep are intelligent, sensitive, social and emotional animals. Some people think sheep are stupid due to their strong flocking instincts. It is not that they can’t think for themselves but rather they instinct to flock serves as protection from predators.

Sheep can remember the faces of other sheep in their flock and human faces. They can recognize human facial expressions.

In West Yorkshire flocks of sheep have developed the skill to cross cattle guards to reach the yummy food on the other side according to a BBC report by rolling on their backs.

Sheep are quite intelligent creatures and have more brainpower than people are willing to give them credit for. National Sheep Association.

In a study published in the journal of Public Library of  Science One, Professor Morton said, “They are quite intelligent animals –  they seem to be able to recognize people and even respond when you call their name.”
As a PETA advocate I suggest you read The Hidden Lives of Sheep. Sheep are often treated cruelly by farmers, skin carved without painkillers and more. Remember our motto: Be The Change. You Can Make A Difference.
And now more about Allison and Lamo.


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