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Your Action & Voice Say NO to FUR! Please.

This is disturbing and horrific on so many levels. If you own fur garments I challenge you to watch these videos and understand the torture and lives taken.

Decades ago people through blood or red paint on those wearing fur. I don’t condone assault but why humans still condone and allow torture, maiming, mutilating, abuse and murder?

Be warned everyone of these videos is graphic and  I warn you about the content. But please do not turn your head and by ignoring the horror allow it to continue.

Please don’t turn your head. You can be the change.

Did you know bunnies could scream?

What to say to someone wearing fur:

Still not convinced? Imagine if this was your cat or dog or bunny or guinea pig. You beloved companion.

Even if a creature cannot scream or you do not hear the scream. Pain is pain. Stand up today and Be The Change.
The Most Graphic video below.


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