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Christmas Photos Call for Submissions

My friend Speedy Rabbit is having a Christmas Countdown with photos of our family with the decorated tree or décor in the background.

What the doggies have to say, “Really? You want us to sit together AND be Still while you try to take a picture? Don’t you know us at all?”

The only time I get photographs, which I used to do for Christmas cards every year, is if I sit with them and have a friend take photo after photo after photo. 

Can you get photographs of your animal family? Please share!

I think I am going to decorate a very mini, mini tree and add it to the parakeet homestead. I’ll have to get a picture of Hope and Happy before Hope dismantles the tree. 🙂 She is a good disassembler.  And I have tried over and over again to give her nesting material, a nest, a ledge for a nest – she is not very domestic.  And if Happy takes an interest he is scolded and shunned.  She is a bossy girl.

I may photoshop little Santa hats on the birdie heads.

If you liked Animal Companions in Costume, please send me pictures for Christmas with Animal Companions Posts.

What a great idea Speedy had, I know my pug peeps have pictures to send.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone in the family (who are not sitting next to each other and are shoving for the best seat next to Mom in the chair).

Here is an old Christmas pictures.

A Christmas Card photo from 1999 or 2000

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Don’t Be an Owner

A different way to see the world and our animals.

Don’t be an Owner.

You are a Guardian.

Animals are not ours.

They are not belongings.

They are not things or commodities.

If we all change the way we think and be more humane, start by replacing the word owner with Guardian.

A Guardian shows respect.

A Guardian recognizes the responsibility we have to care for our animal companions.

More than Human

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