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Take a Trip Back in Time This Holiday Season!

Fellow nerds – I love the this blog. This post features 10 living species of primitive fish. I find this fascinating. I hope you enjoy.

National Aquarium - WATERblog

We’re celebrating the arrival of our all-new Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas 4D Experience, by introducing you to some of our favorite “prehistoric” residents here at the Aquarium!

Chambered Nautilus

The chambered nautilus is a mollusk, related to the octopus, squid, clam and snail! Did you know? Nautili are the only cephalopod species that has a fully-developed protective shell.

chambered nautilus

The nautilus is considered to be a “living fossil,” as the species has undergone little change in the last 400 million years. The nautilus first appeared about 265 million years before the first dinosaurs.

Did you know? There were about 10,000 different species of nautilus in prehistoric times. Currently, there are six living species of nautilus – all found in the Indo-Pacific.

Horseshoe Crab

Scientists can trace this species back to the Paleozoic Era (before dinosaurs and even flowering plants were around!) – which began 540 million years ago. Incredibly…

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Donate and Pray for Evie

So many animals deserve and need our help. Here is a girl in desperate need. Be the Change. Be that Person.

This is footage of our visit with Evie at the hospital today.
Evie was found inside an apartment complex dumpster – stuffed into a sealed plastic tub. Seizing, dehydrated and presenting with a myriad of severe neurological symptoms when she arrived to the Fort Worth shelter on 11.15.13. (“swimming”, mitotic pupils, non-responsive and with a significant fever of 105). 

Tossed away like garbage ~ left to die an agonizing, terror-filled death.
Evie was quickly sent to rescue and rushed to the ER hospital where she remains – in critical condition, receiving supportive care, seizure management and is under ’round the clock observation in ICU. 

Help us find Evie’s abusers and bring them to justice!
For more information and updates on Evie’s condition – click here:

Evie’s sodium levels have DROPPED again!! YAY!!
Right now, she is at 163 – which is the lowest she’s been yet!
(normal range is around 150)
This is a HUGE advancement for Evie! ♥
She obviously is still affected…. there is no telling at this point just how much permanent damage her brain has suffered.
It has been confirmed at this point – that Evie has absolutely zero vision due to her traumatic experience. She is very likely – totally and permanently blind. 😦
She continues to eat well – and is resting more peacefully when she does rest.
Doc opted to not move forward with the sedation as we had previously discussed – since she has calmed somewhat and her respiratory is already quite low – so we don’t want to add to that and run into problems with her breathing atop everything else she has going on.
Evie still cannot stand / walk / sit or hold herself up. She has no balance / coordination due to the brain trauma…. it is too early to tell whether that will improve.
Doc says not to be “too optimistic” at this point – but she is showing some SLIGHT signs of alertness – vs. the totally unresponsive state she has been in since her arrival.
We will visit later today and will update upon our return.
Obviously, Evie as well – requires additional funding to maintain her ongoing ICU stay… please visit her fundraising page below to assist us with those expenses if you can. ♥

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Final Day of Dress Up for our Animal Companions!

Halloween is here. While we have enjoyed dress up with our beloved animal companions, take caution that they can see, hear and the costumes are not constricting.  If your animal expresses distress, take it off!

Our final showcase of animal companions dressed up. I have always loved Halloween, it probably goes with my last name (meaning Ghost or Spirit). And I too love to play dress up.  One year I went as a peacock.  Last year I ordered a matching costume for my Sophie, but if you are a faithful reader you know she died in August of last year.  
But in honor of Sophie I will share a photo of me (frightening in itself) and a picture of the costume I ordered.

 Sophie would have looked wonderful in this outfit.
I wore this a few years ago, it was a hit at the Monster Mash!
OH NO BedPugs!
This is his costume, he is really a werewolf in Trueblood! 🙂
This is the true horror, that so many animals are put to death.
 Sophie and Jelly Bean, RIP, say BE THE CHANGE!
Happy Halloween.


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Dogs & Cats & Bunnies Dressed Up – Part 4

More Dress Up. Let me say that if your animal is uncomfortable or frighten with being dressed up – don’t dress them up. We should not cause distress to those in our care because it amuses humans.

Now for fun photos! This post has guinea pigs, rabbits and some unhappy looking cats.



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Dogs Dressed Up – Part 3 – DFW Pug-O-Ween

More Dress Up. Let me say that if your animal is uncomfortable or frighten with being dressed up – don’t dress them up. We should not cause distress to those in our care because it amuses humans.  You see a lot of pug pictures in these posts.  That is because pugs in general don’t seem to mind if their people like to dress them in funny clothes and I am a foster parent (for the hospice dogs) for DFW Pug Rescue. The have wonderful events and one is Pug-O-Ween.  Below are winners from Pug-O-Ween events. Please donate if you can.

2013 Pug-O-Ween winner – Christina Pugilera


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