My Friend the Belly Band Queen

My sweet and talented friend Irene has a business to help you with house training or incontinence issues with your canine loved ones.  I need to order more, someone has developed a bad habit and I love the little pee pot. He needs some stylish duds.

You will be pleased with the product as well as supporting a small business start-up. I can recommend her product because I use her belly bands. Now I am going to order training pants & suspenders for my little squirm-a-worm – how he gets out of them I do not know.
While this seems like a bit of an advertisement, it really isn’t. I love her products and want to share.  Irene made all the belly bands for DFW Pug Rescue until recently, and they still use her original pattern – but I love her new stuff (especially the suspenders). And remember to BE THE CHANGE! 

Visit Irene at or her email address is:


From her Belly Band Queen site:
I am making training pants for female and male dogs. And belly bands!! Using the training pants for males with smaller penis’ is a great alternative to the belly band that just does not want to stay on!  By using a sanitary pad with wings, on the inside of the pants, you are able to help your furry best friend get a head start on house training!
Training pants: Ex. Small to Large $15
Ex.Large-1XLarge $20
w/detachable bow $20 & $25
Belly Bands: prices starting at $15
Pug Charm hair or panty bows: $5
Suspenders: $15
Sizes for panties or pants:
XXSm: up to 3 lbs. Waist 6″-12″
Ex.Sm: 4-7 lbs. Waist 10″-13″
Small: 8-12 lbs. Waist: 13″-19″
Med: 13-16 lbs. Waist: 16″-21″
Large: 17-35 lbs. Waist: 18″-25″
Ex. LG: 36-55 lbs. Waist: 20″-27″
1XL: 56-90 lbs. Waist 25″-34″
Belly band orders are special made! I will need a measurement of your boy around his body where his “naughty bits” are!! Use a tape measure, or if you don’t have a tape measure, use a piece of string, but don’t pull it too tight!! Get me that number, and we are in business!
Choose some fabric, and you are ready!!”
As you can see the products are quality. Look at the  construction on this belly band for male dogs.



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