Parakeet Says No to Nest

Hope and Happy, my feathered friend and family are parakeets. Happy courted Hope. He was solicitous, attentive and charming. He worked to capture Hope’s affection.

Now Hope has become the ‘alpha parakeet’ if you will.

I will put birdseed on my hand to eat.  If Happy settles on my palm first, Hope will run him off. Sometimes she will allow him to return but only briefly.  The will both be on my hand eating seed and she will chase him off.

Hopes nestPoor Happy is being nagged.

They have a mirror, toys, a bell and string to untie.  And Hope unties the string.

Recently I provided a nest for the pair.  I included nesting materials to add to the twig nest. 

And Hope is methodically disassembling the nest.  Yesterday and much to fast for a photo capture, Happy decided to help.  He perched on the nest and pulled at a twig with his beak.

Hope flew over and chastised him – forced him to move to the other side of the cage. Hope and Happy

Does this mean Hope doesn’t want to be a mommy? Or is she a bully.  I don’t know. But I do know that sweet Hope is doing her best to make sure Happy is not always Happy. 

Here is a photo of a recent shunning.


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2 responses to “Parakeet Says No to Nest

  1. It’s funny how they all have their own little personalities. Hopefully, Hope will come around soon 🙂

    And the “shunning” photo is adorable.

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