Dogs are Angels. Say a Prayer.

65966_188809674576673_1718039703_n Today say a prayer for all animals. Pray humans act humanely.

Pray their Guardians love and care for them.

And be Thankful.

Today I am thankful for all the dogs that have blessed me.

I deeply miss and love the ones that are dead.

I love and cherish the companions “the little boogers” that share my life with me now.

Well time to go – P is barking and if my dog translator is accurate she is saying, “You have JB, A and MG in the chair with you.  That is 3.  I am 1.  Stop ignoring me and pick me up.  Now would be good.”

P is right.  She is one (1).

And every 1 animal is precious. Every animal deserves & requires love and care.

BE The CHANGE! You Can Make a Difference.


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