Adele’s Story Update

adele 1
I introduced you to Adele and her true rescue story by Animal Allies of Texas in Act Now: Adele’s Story

Adele was rescued from the hot Texas heat and lack of care on September 2, 2013. Almost 2 weeks later her condition is guarded but improving. Her feet are swollen and oozing so the staff at Metro Animal Hospital carries her outside wrapped in towels.

Slowly she is making progress.  Her skin is crusty and with two treatments a day, the scabs are being sloughed off.

adele 9 6 9/6/13

Animal Allies of Texas posted a video on Facebook yesterday, 9/13/13. She wags her tale.  As sick and abused as Adele is she appreciates a touch and a little scratch.

Keep Adele in your thoughts and prayers.  If you would like to Donate for her care visit:

adele improving     safe_image

Don’t be an Owner. Be a Guardian.


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2 responses to “Adele’s Story Update

  1. We send lots of love and healing light to Adele! Woooowoooooo!

  2. Thank you for sending love and healing!

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